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The power amplifier controller allows you to control - output power, reverse power, SWR, current, voltage, temperature, if necessary, you can add any other indicators. It can be used in HF and VHF amplifiers, both transistor and tube. The software sequencer - two different delays in milliseconds between the activation of the BIAS signal and the switching of the RX/TX antenna relays, for receiving and transmitting different, is set by the user in the Setup window. The automatic control of the cooling fans, depending on the temperature, has two stages, 50% and 100% of the temperature level when switching is set by the user in the Setup window. Supports CAT transceivers Icom, Yaesu, Elecraft, Ten-Tec, Flex, Kenwood, Anan, SunSDR, there is an RF range decoder, the RF decoder allows you to control ranges from any transceiver, the frequency detection time is only 3-5 ms.  Control of the Huawei power supply via the CAN bus, switching of two voltages, 42 and 58 volts, when ordering a voltage controller, you can choose any. Control of three antennas with memory by bands. The controller has all kinds of protections, and turns off the amplifier at any error by removing the BIAS voltage, switching the RX/TX relay, and displaying this error on the display with a siren sound. errors detected by the controller, exceeding the output power, exceeding the reverse power, exceeding the input power, exceeding the current consumption of the transistor, exceeding the supply voltage of the transistor, the malfunction of the LPF, exceeding the temperature of the transistor. Remote control of the amplifier via USB, WiFi, LAN.

Controller display options...

Controller VHF

A program for remote control of the amplifier..

The time taken by the controller to process the error..

Controller HF version 1.0
Controller HF version 3.0
Controller HF version 4.0
Controller VHF
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