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Controller VHF
Power amplifier controller allows you to control - output power, reverse power, SWR, current, voltage, temperature, if necessary, you can add other indicators. The display displays indicators of two types, at the user's choice, switching to the settings menu, Color 1 - solid color of indicators, Color 2 - indicators are made in the form of dashed lines. Software sequencer - delays in milliseconds between the activation of the BIAS signal and the switching of the RX / TX antenna relays, different for receiving and transmitting, set by the user in the Setup window, Automatic control of cooling fans, depending on temperature. Connect to almost any amplifier, both transistor and tube. If desired, the display can be made external, while the control is only four wires. There is a choice of displaying the temperature indicator in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.

the controller has all kinds of protections and turns off the amplifier when -
1. when output power is exceeded
2. when reverse power is exceeded
3. when the input power is exceeded
4. when the current consumption is exceeded
5. when the supply voltage is exceeded
6. with the wrong choice of filter band
7. when the temperature is exceeded
Main window

Settings Window

The price of the controller firmware version 1.0 is $99
Amplifier Block Diagram

Variants of VHF controller circuits

Controller board

The price of the finished controller version 1.0 (without display) - $149

Controller PCB

PCB price $9
Nextion 7-inch display with speaker for full sound
price of a display with a speaker is $139

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