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A set for an amplifier "Gelius DX"

set includes: fully assembled case with all connectors, 7'' display, heat sink,
fully assembled and configured boards: controller, antenna switch, PWR/SWR meter,
partially assembled power amplifier board, empty filter board,
you just have to collect two boards and make a general mantage,
the price of the kit is $740 with delivery. (various options are possible)
                 Power supply location                                                           The case fits the amplifier on 1000-1500 watt
Amplifier circuit boards

MRF300 Dual Transistor Amplifier PCB, price $18
1200 watt LP filter PCB, price $18
Controller PCB, price $14
Antenna switch PCB, price $7
PCB PWR/SWR meters, price $5
Full set of boards, price $60
Delivery price $14
Amplifier housing kit
the size is (LxBxH) 300x240x150 mm, aluminum alloy
Price with delivery $147

Aluminum heat sink for amplifier
the size is (LxBxH) 220x140x80 mm

Price with delivery $117

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