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Linear power amplifier "Mercury IIIs"

Solid state amplifier (BLF189XR)
• 1.8 - 54 Mhz
• All Protections
• RF Band Decode
• FWD / SWR Meter
• Output  Digi 700 Watts
• Output SSB/CW 1300 Watts
• Antenna Selector Switch
• 7 Inch Touch Color Screen
• Di Voltage / Di Current Meter
• Integrated Power Supply 120-240v
• W12 x L13.5 x H5.5 inch
• Weight 26 pounds

Price of amplifier $2500, delivery within 20-25 days.

For orders from USA contact:
For orders from Russia contact:

Block diagram of the amplifier "Mercury IIIs"

IMD amplifier Mercury IIIs

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